How Global B2B Marketplace Works

Simply put, Business Trade Solutions, through this website, forms a network of companies which are engaged in the same type of activity, or sales items in your area of interest.

Every big box store at some point, have new or used items which will be put on sale for an unbeliveble price. This could be an open box item, or machines or tools which were used for rental purpouses, or returned items, or just items with a huge discount sold only on holidays, or other special sales, all in your area of interets. With us, you'll get all this informations, on time, right in your email inbox. Also, every smallbusiness has something disposable in its inventory. This can be anything from tools to machinery.

Consider this example: if you are a carpenter, and you have successfully bid on a large job, you will need tools and machines, which may be sitting in someone`s storage; someone who would like to sell their stored items, but has never tried. Or, maybe some new equipment is put out for sale at a incredible special price somewhere out there, in a big box store..... Or maybe you have assets, or surpluses you don’t use anymore and want to sell. The list of your possibilities is endless; possibilities you`ve never explored, money you have never cashed.

That is what the system of Business Trade Solutions is all about. It has always been an inside market for the entire industrial economic boom. The bigger it gets, the more efficient will be.

Just imagine being connected internationally. Now, that is the power of good information at the right time.

  • Post Ads Directly To Businesses
  • Receive email notifications when new items in your area of interest are added
  • Quickly buy & sell products in your area of interest
  • Find businesses that need your surplus, or other unneeded equipment
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